Hi there.

I'm a Senior Product Designer creating insightful digital experiences for millions of Australians

My Core Skills

End to end UX/UI design

Taking customer and business problems through the design process and to delivery, with continuous improvement proposals based on data and customer feedback.

Customer Research

Identifying the need for, writing research briefs and conducting qualitative and quantitative research with customers to input into the design process and identify delivery goals.

Stakeholder Management

Working with low and high-level stakeholders to understand concerns and needs, taking them on the design journey and replaying back research findings and constraints to influence direction.

Strategic Design

Identifying how proposed features fit into the overall strategy of the business and identifying the roadmap for these features to continuously improve and respond to customer feedback.

My Work

I'm just working on connecting these tiles with updated project pages. Any tile with a button is now connected. Come back in a few days to see more! (5 Feb 2024)

Note: Pages are optimised for Desktop use, but you can still read it on mobile. Please contact me if you would like the password to my projects.

Senior Experience Designer

Westpac Budget Tracking Tool

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Senior Experience Designer

Westpac Carbon Footprint Tracker

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Senior Experience Designer

Westpac Transaction Categorisation

Experience Designer

Westpac Desktop Sign In Refresh

Experience Designer

Westpac Smart Search & Help

Senior Experience Designer

Westpac Budget Desktop & Mobile Support Sites

Personal Project Concept

Disney Parks SorcererAI Concept

Personal Project Concept

Walt Disney World Magic Key Mobile App Concept

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Personal Project Concept

Apple Siri Search Concept

About Me

7 years experience in UX/UI at Westpac

Over the past 7 years I have led many key transformative UX/UI projects across our responsive web and native mobile app platforms, including the redesign of the Westpac mobile app and introducing many features to help customers manage their money better.

Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

In 2016 I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a bachelor’s degree with honours. During this course I became passionate about storytelling, typography and motion design, all which I use in my day to day responsibilities.

Passionate about technology and innovation

As an avid Apple fan, I closely follow their latest tech innovations, while my fascination with AI’s future role in our daily lives keeps me at the forefront of technological advancement. This ever-evolving tech landscape continually fuels my curiosity and passion.

Passionate about immersive and themed experience design

Whilst some children wanted to be an astronaut or zoo keeper, my dream job was (and still is) to be a Walt Disney Imagineer; a role responsible for designing immersive environments and experiences for guests of Disney theme parks.