Hi, I'm David

I believe in creating content-driven experiences. By creating worlds and telling stories, I want my audience to be able to step into my designs; to interact with them, and to connect their digital experiences with the physical world.

I currently work at Australia’s oldest bank, Westpac, optimising customer journeys and making banking easier for millions of Australians. Working to help Australians understand their financial position and achieve their goals.

Outside of work I build personal projects and imagine a future utopia where the crossroads of storytelling, technology, and design create state-of-the-art immersive worlds.

My quest to understand how different cultures tell stories has taken me to 24 countries so far, and I appreciate all things Disney, Doctor Who, Marvel, and more. I’m passionate about equality for all and I participate actively in LGBTQIA+ issues.

My manifesto

Be yourself

Be loyal to those who support and love you, have integrity, have the independence of thought, and always act with authenticity

Be curious

Always seek to learn about new topics, skills and technologies. Don’t let the idea of failure discourage your exploration.

Be data driven

Use data, knowledge and learnings to back up decisions, rationale and the overall design or experience

Be innovative

Think differently, challenge expectations, embrace new ideas, and take on new ways of working

Be sustainable

Design and work in a sustainable manner, contributing to steering the world away from global warming

Be inclusive

Strive to make your designs inclusive and accessible, including language, visuals, and interactions

Be a futurist

Look ahead to what the world could be in the future, from short term thinking to long term exploration

Be an explorer

Travel, discover and explore the world, its cultures, and its destinations, take it in, and let it inspire you

Be a partner

Play well and work with others to create something bigger and better, use collaboration to achieve more

My history

May 2021 to present

Senior Experience Designer

Westpac Digital Team

I conceptualise, design, and support the delivery of banking experiences for 4+ million Westpac customers. I have the goal to help make managing money and learning about your financial position easier for customers, helping to make the job of banking less painful.

I work to engage, excite and support stakeholders to innovate and introduce truly helpful features to the Westpac digital experience. My day-to-day involves working on blue sky concepts and enhancing existing features on the New Westpac Mobile App and Desktop Web experiences.

I also aim to help support my team by being an advocate for accessibility and iOS design principles to ensure we meet the expectations of customers.

Key responsibilities

  • Support the design, delivery and documentation of the New Westpac Mobile App on Android
  • Work with stakeholders to identify and develop business proposals for feature concepts
  • Support the education and development of the design team, especially within the topic of designing for iOS

January 2018 to May 2021

Experience Designer

Westpac Digital Team

I was responsible for the conception, design, and documentation of key features and projects for the delivery of the New Westpac Mobile App. This included tasks like supporting the development of the Westpac component library, ensuring an accessible build, and stakeholder management over a number of business areas.

I also helped to support the continuation of the mobile web and desktop web experience for consumer and business customers. This included responding to legal, compliance, innovation, sales, and business features and requests, often managing many stakeholders and projects at the same time.

2017, Rotation 3

Junior Experience Designer

Strategic Design Team

2017, Rotation 2

Junior Experience Designer

Customer Research Team

2017, Rotation 2

Junior Experience Designer

St George Release Train


Graduated with Second Class Honours (Division 1)

Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at University of Technology Sydney

2015 - 2016

Broadcast Intern

Channel Ten

2015 - 2017

Digital Media Assistant

UTS: Careers

2014 - 2018


UTS: Housing

2014 - 2017

Resident Networker

UTS: Housing


Adobe Student Representative