A personal project

This is a personal project to learn from and explore the branding, concept, and execution of the recently announced Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games. No work has been commissioned by the IOC or Brisbane 2032 OC.

However, I’m always open to conversations…

Logo DNA

To create the Brisbane 2032 Logomark I looked to incorporate a number of core Olympic values and Brisbane identities whilst ensuring the identity could be dynamic to reflect the vast cultures, environments, and identities of Brisbane.

Commonwealth Star

The Commonwealth Star represents the unity and achievements of Australians in sport, culture and on the world stage

The Sun

Core to the culture of Brisbane, Queensland, and the Summer Olympics; The Sun represents hope, life, and energy, all qualities of athletes


A flower represents the diverse nature of the Queensland environment as well as the concepts of life and growth


Symbolic of coming together, connection, and the unbreakable bond that the Olympics creates around the world

A dynamic logo

When designing a logo I wanted to keep in mind the need to design something that catered for dynamic placements like on websites, social media, screens, and augmented reality. I wanted to create a logo that could easily reflect the vast diversity of Brisbane, Australia, and the world. To create a logo that would be a window to the Brisbane culture.

A logo to reflect its place

I wanted a logo that could easily conform with its placement in an environment but celebrate the diverse countries, cultures, and identities found at the Olympic Games. The logo can change its number of stripes and colours to reflect national pride or a person’s identity. This logo is meant to be owned by the people of the world and should adapt to their vision.

A logo to join a master line-up

Olympic Games logos are the apex of a country’s design achievements and sensibilities. My Brisbane 2032 logo needed to match the quality and aspiration of previous Olympic logos. The Brisbane 2032 logo takes continues the tradition whilst taking a leap forward in brand identity, being focused on digital use, flexibility, and use within 3D AR environments.

Souvenir tickets

By 2032 spectators will use digital means, like Apple or Google Wallet, to gain access to stadiums and events. However, the tradition and collectable nature of physical tickets is something we shouldn’t dismiss. So tickets would still be a desirable element of the games, helping to turn big memories into keepsakes.

Digital access

Whilst technology will significantly change by the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games in 10 years time it can be seen that spectators and audiences alike will rely on digital means to access the Olympic Games. This will be facilitated by digital ticketing, mobile apps, websites, streaming content augmented reality, and more.

A story in progress

There’s a lot to an Olympic Games than just the logo mark, over the next few months and years I hope to return to the Brisbane 2032 Olympics to design and propose experiences, engagement methods, and more. I hope to integrate new technology and respond to the changing design landscape and needs of Australians and citizens of the world.

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    A message to the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee

    If you like this logo or want to discuss anything my email is open. Also thanks for all the work you have and will put into creating one of the biggest events in the world for people to enjoy. Best of luck.