Check-in Safe

An app and dedicated service to help the community return to normal; eating out and attending entertainment venues. Whilst increasing the accuracy, privacy, and security of existing contract tracing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The customer problem

As a way to help increase the accuracy of COVID-19 contract tracing within New South Wales, the government required all restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues to record their customer’s names, numbers, emails, and arrival times.

Insecure personal data

Personal details were often written down in a diary, recorded in a google document, or submitted via a third party service. All of which dealt with the customer data in an insecure way, often with little messaging to the customer as to how the data was stored and for how long.

Exposure to data selling

With so much vulnerable personal data, without T&Cs and with no legal restrictions, personal information was easily made available to be sold to advertising and marketing companies. Resulting in an increase of spam and advertising emails.

Transparency of process

Once a customer's data was handed over to restaurants or third parties there was a lack of transparency of the process undertaken or when a COVID-19 case was found, often relying on the invisible process of governments and trusting venues to hand-off details securely.


The app has relatively simple features to ensure quick turn around, development, and ease of use

Secure profile

Every user's profile is secure and we only collect as much information as required to fulfill the local authorities' requirements

Check-in history

See where and when you checked in, see how long you were there and check the COVID-19 status of each of those locations

Contact alert

Receive notifications when a COVID-19 case has been identified as visiting a location you were at within the time you were there

Historical alert

Historical cases are COVID-19 cases that visited a location you frequented or visited recently prior to or after your visit

Automatic check-out

Identifying how long you were at a location can be key to understanding your exposure risk when a case has been identified

COVID-19 status

See the COVID-19 safety measures in place at the venue and see if any COVID-19 cases have been identified as visiting there recently

From App Download

Quick sign up

To ensure the best customer experience and uptake for the first time customers interact with a Check-in Safe QR Code, a simple sign-in experience is required. To enhance the quick sign up method, utilising the existing ‘Sign in with Apple’ is the best way to do this.

At venue registration

Sign up from QR Code

With iOS 14, Apple introduced App Clips to help customers onboard and utilise apps when out in the real world. Check-in Safe uses App Clips to seamlessly and smoothly check customers in to their favourite venues.