Tell a story.

Make it exist.

Creating, dreaming and writing about experiences that help engage people in and outside the realm of digital

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Hi, I'm David

I’m an experience designer that believes in creating content-driven experiences. By creating worlds and telling stories, I want my audience to be able to step into my designs; to interact with them, and to connect their digital experiences with the physical world.

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A UX designer by trade

I currently work at Australia’s oldest bank, Westpac, optimising customer journeys and making banking easier for millions of Australians.

Always on a quest

I have a constant push to explore, learn and do something new, to test my limits and to see what new technology, place or experience I can add to my toolset.

Curious by nature

Outside of work I build personal projects, learn, attempting to learn new skills, and daydreaming a future utopia at the crossroads of storytelling, technology and design.

What I do

I have a curiousity that has led me down many paths throughout my education and career, however I’ve found myself a home in the UX industry, designing end to end experiences and making the everyday life of people easier, more engaging and more entertaining.

My work

Product design

Simple, fast and effective designs that help millions of customers every day

Immersive design

Immersive spaces, events and activities that send guests beyond reality

Project management

Working with multi-disciplanary teams to ensure a quality experience

Business engagement

Working with stakeholders and partners to deliver effective experiences

Check-In Safe

Securing the way we respond to COVID-19

Providing your personal details to locations you visit for the sake of contact tracing often results in less than stellar privacy and security. I wanted to change how customers could protect their health whilst not exposing their personal details to scams, junk email, or worse.

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An immersive experience in a box

A journey through history, The Capsule, invites the audience to take on the challenges of the era of the atomic bomb. From looking through the scientific documents of building the bomb to deciding on whether to drop it, The Capsule challenges its audience’s perspective on history.

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Kingdom Pass

Unofficial guides of the Disney Parks

Take a stroll through the Disney Parks whilst listening to audio tours describing the history, culture, design, and stories behind the most magical place on earth. You’ll also be able to get fan-made guides to find the best food, photo spots, and more.

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Connecting Australians to their democracy

AusPoll connects and informs Australian citizens about the events inside and surrounding Federal, State, and Local government. The service allows users to review, share, and comment on upcoming bills, discussions, and events.

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See the vast array of work I’ve explored, the process I took to get to the final outcome and what I’ve learnt from the process

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I produce a range of designs for tshirts, stickers, playing cards, greeting cards, accessories and much more

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I try to write about topics that grab my attention. I write about technology, design and experiences with the hope I can learn more deeply

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