Kingdom Pass

Explore the Disney Parks in a totally new way with the Kingdom Pass companion app. Designed to provide audio guides and handcrafted tours to dedicated fans of the Disney Parks and returning guests.

Concept and purpose

The Concept

Kingdom Pass is an exploration of the desirability, viability and feasibility of an app that would provide users with additional content when exploring their favourite theme parks. The aim of which is to help prepare guests when visiting the parks, to help them plan and to help inform them of the many different stories that take part in creating such a place. 

The Outcome

The outcome as seen below is split into three types of content; audio tours, crafted guides and helpful data. Providing guests with data like park hours, wait times, and crowd levels to help them plan their day. Audio tours help inform guests of the history, design, culture, and personal stories that fill the parks. Crafted guides provide users the opportunity to submit their own tours of the parks based on the niche and must-do activities, like snack tours, character meet and greets and more.

What you need to plan your day

From suggested audio tours and recommended guides to estimated crowd levels for each day of your trip, the Kingdom Pass Dashboard is here to help you throughout your day.


See in-progress, recommended, and newly released guides and tours promoted upfront on the dashboard


See the weather for the theme park you're currently in for the next few hours to help plan your day

Park hours

See the hours for the various theme parks, shopping districts, and destinations within the resort

Your day

When selecting a tour, the app will automatically populate the next steps along with critical information to help you plan ahead

Crowd levels

View the predicted crowd levels over a number of days scored A through to F, with each conveying a sense of crowd density and wait times

Audio Tours

Learn about the history, culture, and design of theme parks

A library of podcast like tours of the Walt Disney World resort. Users can tune into a series of episodes on a singular topic. Each episode would ask the user to move to a particular geo-fenced spot within the resort to continue listening.

Tour topics

Hear about how Imagineers designed the Cinderella Castle or how cast members go about preparing the park for the guests that day.


Each episode within an album or topic may ask users to move to a specific location, e.g. the Cinderella Castle archway, to listen to the next episode.

Example audio tours

Secrets of Cinderella Castle

Hear all about how Cinderella Castle came to be the icon of the Walt Disney World resort and the Magic Kingdom park. See how it evolved and some iconic memories that people have had with it.

  • Ep 1  |  The first Disney Castle
  • Ep 2  |  Creating an icon for the West Coast
  • Ep 3  |  Redesigns, celebrations and evolution of an icon

Creating a Star Wars World

Discover how Galaxy’s Edge was created and the world of Batuu was born in the Star Wars universe. Learn about how Imagineers worked for years to create a world so immersive many people feel like they’ve left Earth.

  • Ep 1  |  Your transport awaits you
  • Ep 2  |  Where is Batuu?
  • Ep 3  |  Entering the forest of the resistance
  • Ep 4  |  Welcome to Black Spire Outpost
Crafted guides

Take a self-guided tour of the parks crafted by experts and fans

Guides can be crafted by Kingdom Pass experts or individual users. Guides are designed to provide users with alternate ways to explore their parks with a focus on telling a story, doing the must-do attractions easily, or even checking out the best snacks available during Christmas.

Kingdom Pass Experts

Expertly designed guides focus on showing guests how to fit in as many must-do attractions in a day, see the park in a unique way, or how to get the best photos.

User Created

Guides are opened up to users to submit their own unique guides of their favourite parks. Check out where the best snacks are, the best park benches to watch the world go by, or the best places to watch the fireworks.

Example guides

Magic Kingdom summer snacks

Take a tasty and refreshing tour of the Magic Kingdom and all the best snacks available throughout the park. Enjoy snacks ranging from ice creams, drinks, and more.

  • Stop 1  |  Dole Whip Float at Aloha Isle
  • Stop 2  |  LeFou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern
  • Stop 3  |  Cheeseburger Rolls at Adventureland

Top places to watch the fireworks

A tour to be done on multiple nights and multiple stays, see the fireworks from some popular and unique vantage spots. From in front of the castle all the way to on board your own unique dessert boat on Bay Lake.

  • Stop 1  |  The classic Main Street USA and Hub
  • Stop 2  |  Grand Floridian Dock
  • Stop 3  |  Rivers of America

Free Tier

Access to introduction level tours and user created guides
$0per month
  • Introduction level tours
  • Helpful data including weather and crowds
  • Guides created by fellow users


Access to all tours and guides
$5per month
  • All Tours and guides
  • Premium Helpful data
  • Premium badge On all created guides