Sell stickers via the iMessage App Store

We help small artists and creators sell their art and designs via the iMessage App Store, allowing their audience to share their work digitally with friends and family. iMessage stickers help users express themselves in richer ways by tapping a sticker to send it in a thread, placing them on top of bubbles, other stickers and photos.

Learn how to use iMessage Stickers

What is an iMessage Sticker App?

iMessage Sticker Apps can be purchased via the iMessage App Store and used in any iMessage chat, making messaging more enticing, lively and active. iMessage sticker apps are a great way to extend your brand and art presence into the digital realm and capture a new market for your brand.

Sticker Apps also allow your users to share your art with their friends and family easily, helping to expand the reach of your work and entice new audience members and fans.

Why use our service?

Our service allows you to start selling your art and designs on the iMessage App store with no setup costs, no coding and no knowledge of how the Apple app store works. We take care of setting up your sticker packs, maintaining them and ensuring they continue to meet Apple’s requirements for their future devices.

Joining the Apple Developer Program is expensive

In order to sell on the iOS App Store, you need to become an Apple Developer which requires a signup fee and a bunch of paperwork. This is even before you’re able to submit anything to the app store for review.

We’re already an Apple Developer and are ready to submit your app straight away!

You need to know XCode

XCode is one of the most complex pieces of developer software, allowing developers to write complex iPhone, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch apps.

We know our way around XCode and can quickly and easily put together, update and maintain your sticker pack iMessage app.

We'll maintain and update your app on request

If you want to add a new sticker to an existing sticker pack, easy, we can help. If you want to have a seasonal sticker pack offering, we can do that too.

We’ll also maintain and test your iMessage Sticker pack for different device types and when new Operation System updates are released.

We're designers here to support other designers and artists

We understand designers and artists’ need to control and maintain the rights to their work and build a community around their work. We’re here to support you to do just that and provide another point of engagement and sale without the need of any setup or maintenance.

What you get...

Your art, your rights

You retain the right to your art and can remove the app from the app store, no questions asked

Extend your brand

You get a digital platform where you can sell digital versions of your art without needing to code, spend $100s in setup costs or hire a developer

New ways to support

Give your customers another way to support you and your art and share that art with their friends and family in their everyday messaging

Get paid

You get paid for the awesome art you create! 51% of the profit in fact!

Easily expand

You can create and sell multiple sticker packs with ease. Have a new collection? No problem! Making a seasonal Halloween pack? Sure thing! We’ll help you create iMessage Sticker Apps with ease.

What it costs...


upfront cost

The only cost comes when a customer decides to purchase your sticker pack.


Apple Fee

All purchases of apps made on the App Store are charged a 15% fee by Apple, this is automatically taken from every purchase


Maintenance Fee

We take a fee to ensure we can keep your sticker packs up to date and working for your customers. This fee goes towards the cost of the Apple Developer Program, app releases and more. 

What you can charge for your sticker pack

You can set whatever price you want for your sticker pack from an extensive set of default app prices that Apple sets. Get in touch if you have a special request. The following prices however are what we’ve seen work best, but only you know your audience and know your skills, we’ll support you in whatever decision you make.

Small Pack

For light weight sticker packs of 10 or less stickers
$1.99USD per sticker pack

Large Pack

For highly detailed packs of 25 to 40 stickers
$3.99USD per sticker pack

XL Pack

For animated or exclusive sticker packs
$4.99USD per sticker pack

Keen to get started?

There are a few steps to get your art and designs into sticker app form and ready for the iMessage App Store. The following is what you need to do so we can get the app made as quickly as possible and to ensure Apple accepts the app.


Select the stickers you want to use to form a Sticker Pack

Sticker Packs can be generic and based on your brand or have a theme like a holiday, event or a way of communicating. For example, you could create a sticker pack to celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just to help users express their excitement for avocados.

Stickers should be 618px by 618px and have a transparent background. You can provide these individually or provide a .ai file and we can export the stickers at the right size.

Make sure the stickers you submit you have the complete rights to and don’t infringe on anyone else’s copyright or property.


Name your Sticker Pack and create an app icon to represent your stickers

A short name is best, something that is catchy but easily searched for. We’ll also add a ‘by <insert name>’ identifier to the end of the sticker pack to ensure your brand is emphasised.

You’ll also need an app icon, these should work at very small sizes as the smallest size is 58px by 58px. You can use one of the stickers or create something unique.

The two sizes we need it in are 1024px by 1024px and 1024px by 768px.


Write a quick description of your sticker pack. This will be used in the store.

A good description is something that works with the tone of your stickers and/or brand. This will be used on the iMessage App Store to describe the benefit and features of your stickers. However, keep it short as users often don’t read long text.


Be prepared to promote your new iMessage Sticker Pack App

We’ll give you some screenshots and device mockups to help you sell your brand new iMessage Sticker Pack App to your audience. The best ways are via your existing social media accounts. Feel free to go above and beyond to ensure your audience knows about and can easily find your stickers.

Let's go!

You can fill out the form linked below to begin the iMessage Sticker App creation process or reach out to us for more information. We’re here to help make the process as easy as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out.